Large-scale Artificial Intelligence Networks
& im2unity, your personalized digital immunity.

Welcome to aiNET

aiNET is an ETH spin-off based in Basel, Switzerland. We offer immunoinformatic services to biopharma, 
and personalized digital immunity to the citizen.

aiNET leverages artificial intelligence and large-scale networks to help pharmaceutical industries and biotechs discover biologics from next-generation sequencing big data. 

aiNET leverages on its specialized know-how to serve citizens. 

The personalized digital immunity app, im2unity, is for citizens and physicians. im2unity is an app to check health, diagnose diseases early and follow disease progression, enabling to adjust treatment to personal patient journeys.

  • We analyze your data and select large-molecules that bind to cancer, infectious and autoimmune targets. 
  • We classify for selections and molecular specificity, affinity and avidity characteristics. 
  • We investigate scientific strategies. 
  • We humanize your sequences.
  • im2unity: We analyze your immunity status.

We build your software.  

We check your health with im2unity.