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& im2unity, your personalized digital immunity.

im2unity, the digital immunity app for all.

Immunity is a relevant indicator of health. On the other hand, faults or disequilibria in immunity are clear alarm signals across disease areas, from cancer, infection to rare and autoimmune diseases.

With im2unity, the digital immunity app, each physician is supported in establishing the diagnosis, therapeutics and vaccine regimens; therefore, we support shorter time to diagnostics across diseases and specifically in autoimmune diseases where immune molecules are responsible for the onset of disease. We aim to provide a clinical support tool to measure future outcomes of treatments or vaccines, and ultimately estimate herd immunity in the event of a pandemic.

Each patient is enabled to quantify his or her immune status, therefore we empower patients in general, and chronic patients specifically, to participate actively in assessing and taking action over their patient journeys. Immunity is a known hallmark of health. 

Each citizen can measure and self-assess their immunity in a health status or in doubt, therefore we enable ubiquitous care.